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Predeterminado Oracle realiza una oferta sorpresa de $7,4 bn por Sun

Oracle ha sorprendido el mercado tecnológico realizando una oferta imprevista sobre Sun Microsystems por un valor 7,1 millones de dólares (9,5 dólares por acción en cash). Esta oferta sigue a la anteriormente realizada por IBM por igual importe, y que retiró hace apenas dos semanas por la existencia de riesgos operaciones.

Oracle in $7.1bn swoop on Sun

Oracle unveiled a surprise $7.1bn offer for Sun Microsystems on Monday that is set to shake up the market for corporate IT systems.

The agreed deal, at $9.50 a share in cash, comes two weeks after negotiations for an acquisition by IBM at the same price fell apart. It will push Oracle, whose business is still heavily reliant on its original database software, into a wide range of other computer hardware and software, transforming its business and making it a direct competitor of industry giants IBM and Hewlett-Packard.

The deal follows a last-minute intervention by Oracle after IBM was once again in discussions with Sun about a deal of its own, according to a person close to the software maker.

Oracle first approached Sun late on Thursday about the possibility of a deal, and signed an accord late on Sunday, according to this person.

The swiftness is in stark contrast to IBM, which engaged in extensive due diligence in recent weeks that raised a operational series of issues that discouraged it from rushing ahead with a deal.

The IBM offer also caused a rift in the Sun camp, as the company debated whether to sell itself to an old rival. Oracle, by contrast, is an old Silicon Valley ally.

The deal will turn the database software company into an all-round systems company, said Larry Ellison, its chief executive.

“Oracle will be the only company that can engineer an integrated system – applications to disk – where all the pieces fit and work together so customers do not have to do it themselves,” he was quoted in a statement as saying.

The deal caps a series of big software acquisitions, the latest of which, for BEA Systems, made Oracle a big competitor to IBM in the market for “middleware”, the software used to stitch together applications that run over multiple systems.

Previously, Oracle’s purchases had focused on applications, an area of the software business IBM has chosen not to play in, with the purchases of companies like PeopleSoft and Siebel Systems.

The Sun purchase will be worth more to Oracle financial than the PeopleSoft, Siebel and BEA acquisitions combined, said Safra Catz, Oracle’s co-president. It would add 15 cents to its earnings per share in the first year after the deal, and lift pro forma operating profits by $1.5bn in the first year and $2bn the year after that, she added.
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